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"We create and design works that are successful, timely, professional and target within defined objectives.”



Urban design is the art of creation that characterizes a future community, town and city, by laying out buildings, public facilities  and roads to shape our cultural society in a way that intrigues all. AbierA Dream Design has specialized in shaping self sustained communities



Space Planning is an interior design aspect that make the difference. It uses the existing space, recognizes the client’s desires and functions, and places best suited furniture to compose the utmost functional, eye-catching and comfortable living space AbierA Design focusses on effective space planning to make the most of


Architecture is the science that transforms a dream or vision of an office, home or building into a physical structure while considering the best economical, functional and creative solution, AbierA Dream Design brings state of the art architectural design solutions for residential and commercial projects



Renovation is not just an art, science or a hands-on construction project, but all of the above. It is not merely replacing old materials with newer ones but a creation of an improved environment that you’ll  instantly fall in love with. AbierA Dream Design ensures you love your new renovated space


Interior Design is the talent art that senses methodical details of the construction, recognizes client demands, and utilizes the existing material to craft the desired place and transform it into a valuable and remarkable area. AbierA Dream Design specializes in offering stylish and smart customized design solution for effective space utilization and enhancing functionality



Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. AbierA Dream Design offers this art  known as communication design for your personal or work requirements


Vision Statement

"To become the client's first choice through connecting with them by providing innovative ideas and services"

  • At AbierA Dream Design, our ultimate purpose is to become the client’s first choice by designing, developing and delivering products that connect to people, and by doing so becoming the number 1 sought after design company while outpacing competitors by providing innovative ideas and services.

Mission Statement

"Not to only meet, but exceed our client's expections and build value for  our customers, suppliers, associates, and communities"

  • Our goal and mission are to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients, hereby building values for not just our customers, but also for our suppliers, our associates and our communities. We create and design works that are successful, timely, professional and on target with defined objectives. AbierA Dream Design is dedicated to creating interiors that reflect our client’s personality and lifestyle, by capturing their design dreams and turning them into reality. We are dedicated to listening to all our residential and commercial clients in a professional manner and carrying out the design process until the desired product is achieved.

Why AbierA Dream Design





- We motivate our clients by being excellent listeners to understand their requirements through open two-way communication and understanding their expectations.

- We comprehend our client’s needs and promote several new ideas that tie together into an effective plan giving space and style solutions.

- We actively partner with our client to achieve excellence in execution and aim to deliver beyond our client goals.

- We are service focused with a drive to bring solution from conception to completion, and exceed our client expectation.


We are proud to be associated with Abier Al-Khouri for our custom home designs. Abier brings extreme professionalism to the table and along with it her expertise in architectural and technical knowledge which she combines with her unique style and aesthetics to deliver functional, stylish residential spaces.



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